Friday, April 22, 2011

Retreat Houses

Retreat houses - on the way to Nangchen

Today Minam Rinpoche updated on the status of the Retreat House Project (click to read more). This project hit a slight snag. The former piece of retreat land was too large and security and upkeep of the place may be a challenge.

Rinpoche understands the mindsets and creature comforts of many an Asian. You may be surprise that the Westerners are more able to adapt to sanitary and cleanliness issues much better than the yellow skinned. Therefore Rinpoche is looking for a piece of land around Xining region that already has electricity and water supplies. Rinpoche has an existing piece of land in Nangchen but he thinks it may not be suitable as one has to battle with the altitude, not to mention the long and treacherous journey.

It has been very inspiring as we started this fund. Many people expressed their kind support for Rinpoche's project. Thanks to the many of you who have contacted us to commit in helping to get this Retreat Project going. Its been amazing.

We have been amazed at the creative ideas that some of you have been inspired with to help with offerings .... quite a few people pooled offerings from family and friends and the final offering became quite substantial. One requested for her birthday gifts to be converted to offerings to Rinpoche, while another made the effort to sell off ‘junk’ collected from friends. Some even toyed with ideas of making cookies and goodies (dumplings, fruit tarts) to sell. Coin boxes (someone sponsored 500 coin boxes) were distributed out across the country and with each day, they are getting heavier.

Every single contribution, no matter how small is very much appreciated. This will give everyone a chance to contribute to a most worthwhile need. So without any judgement, and with a lot humility in the pocket – we are requesting if you can also help in whatever way you can ..... in the next few months, we will just ask people we meet if they will part with RM50-100 each...or even less to put towards this request.

With thanks!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wamlung Monastery stands tall once again

In September 2009 the main shrine hall of Wamlung Monastery collapsed. Thanks to all the generous sponsors who answered the urgent call to build a temporary shelter for the monks for that coming winter.

This is an artist impression of what Wamlung Monastery will be. Plans were put into action and by the time I visited Wamlung in 2010, work was in progress

Received the latest update of Wamlung Monastery from Rinpoche on 25 March 2011. Externally the Monastery is completed. Furnishings and internal decor may have to take a back seat due to insufficient funds but more importantly the monks will have a place to call home.

Rinpoche conveys his Tashi Deleks and many thanks to all

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Contributors : Societies, associations or even individuals can request for receipts if you need it or have the amount appear against the names. Please drop me a line or give me a call if you have any requests.

1. Carol Low Mei Lee
2. Ryan Sern Chia Chien
3. Lai SW
4. Sandie Foo
5. Mona
6. Teo Kho Teng @ Konchok Rabga
7. Hoh Gek Tin
8. Chong Siew Moy
9. Anonymous from Ipoh who sent money direct to Rinpoche
10. Sukie Kang (UK - Through paypal in Pounds)
11. Linda Goh
12. Raymond Sern
13. Ariadni Gerouki (Greece - Through paypal in Euros)
14. Calvin Ho
15. Tan Mee Hua
16. Sales of sand art pictures (Wong Soo Mei of Guan Zi Zai)
17. Lisa Pak
18. Brenda Foo
19. Mr Tommy Lee & Family (Shannies list)
20. Mr Tan Theng Ong & Family (Shannies List
21. Ms Happy Chan (Shannies List)
22. Ms Tong Ee Ling (Shannies List)
23. Ms Ooi Lee Kee (Shannies List)
24. Mr Lee Cheng Kung & Family (Shannies List)
25. Ms May Lee (Shannies List)
26. Mr Chew Eng Khin (Shannies List)
27. Ms Tan Sian Lee (Shannies List)
28. Ms Lim Pao Yen (Shannies List)
29. Mr Ong Guan Ooi (Shannies List)
30. Ms Shannies Lee (Shannies List)

31. Lee Kong Kit (Ms Goh's List)
32. Tan Chor Hui & Family (Angie) (Ms Goh's List)
33. Wong Tiong Siang & Family (Lee Fan) (Ms Goh's List)
34. Lim Wit Lan (Ms Goh's List)
35. Goh Lee Tin (Ms Goh's List)
36. Chan Chun Wei (Ms Goh's List)
37. Goh Yee Loo (Ms Goh's List)
38. Goh Lee San (Ms Goh's List)
39. Lam How Mun & Family (Lay Koon) (Ms Goh's List)
40. Lee May Kheng (Ms Goh's List)
41. Lee Kong Kit (Ms Goh's List)
42. Mr Low Teck Soon (Crystal/Phik Charng List)
43. Ms Ang Hee Huey
44. Mr Tham (Malacca)
45. Ho Lee Chin
46. Colin Chai
47. Kong Keen Yung
48. Ramakrishnan Tho (Ganesh)
49. Sam Kum Soon
50. Lai Kok Hong
51. Chew Pheng Chong
52. Kok Key
53. Bee Eng
54. Irene Liew
55. Lim Chye Hong (Crystal's List)
56. Liew Yuen Fui (Crystal's List)
57. Lim Yee Yau (Crystal's List)
58. Lim Yee Tat (Crystal's List)
59. Yvonne Choo Sow Tuan (Crystal's List)
60. Choo Kay Leong & Family (Crystal's List)
61. Derek Loo
62. Low Keh Teong
63. Yeoh Kean Jin
64. Yip Jack Yew (Phik Charng's List)
65. Alice Low (Phik Charng's List)
66. Hwang Phik Charng (Phik Charng's List)
67. Lim Boon Hwa
68. Lana Lee Suet Yoke (Boon's List)
69. Mike Goh and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Palpal S$)
70. Lin Zhan Yi and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Paypal S$)
71. Sim Chin Kew and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Paypal S$)
72. Kim Ong and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Paypal S$)
73. Teo Sok Wei and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Paypal S$)
74. Goh Siew Choo and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Paypal S$)
75. Goh Chin Toh and Family (Singapore - Goh Tzyy Horng's List - Paypal S$)
76. Jeannie Wong (Phik Charng's List)
77. Ooi Pek Ling (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
78. Andrew (Australia Note ) 50 (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
79. Siew Yong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
80. Tan Shok Moi (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
81. Tan Li Hau (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
82. Hoh Siew Pheng (Ho Gek Tin's List)
83. Tan Keng Soon (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
84. Wendy Lim (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
85. Tan Pit Choo (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
86. Tan Lim Khang (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
87. Tan King Sing (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
88. Chong Ching Jie (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
89. Chong Chen Yang (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
90. Low Sing Yi (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
91. Kwok Kuan Lee (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
92. Kwok Sing Jie (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
93. Gan Yoke Hwa (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
94. Fang Huo Lan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
95. Lim Chiew Chian (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
96. Athur Lim (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
97. Jeffery Chow (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
98. Lonpac Staff (BP) (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
99. Lim Kwong Hui (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
100. Lim Pin Cheah (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

101. Teh Lah Hoong
102. Yvonne Ho
103. Lee Peen Hoor (Chrystal's List)
104. Liew Jia Cheng (Chrystal's List)
105. Liew Jia Hua (Chrystal's List)
106. Ben Cheng (Chrystal's List)
107. Queenie Kong & Family (Chrystal's List)
108. Chrystal Phuah (Chrystal's List)
109 Phang Yoke Ching (Chrystal's List)
110. Michael Lim
111. Lim Kim Hock (Lim Siew Chern's List)
112. Ang Siam Looi (Lim Siew Chern's List)
113. Lim Siew Chern (Lim Siew Chern's List)
114. Chew Chong Han (Lim Siew Chern's List)
115. Ms. Tan Mei Chiam (Shannies' List)
116. Ms. Seng Yit Yin (Shannies' List)
117. Ms. Loke Swee Tuan (Shannies' List)
118. Ms. Ooi Eng San (Shannies' List)
119. Ms. Ooi Tze Yin (Shannies' List)
120. Mdm. Keh Long (Shannies' List)
121. Mr. Lee Guan Huat (Shannies' List)
122. Tham Ming Wei
123. Amitabha Guan Zi Zai Buddhist Society
124. Tan Ynu Ting & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
125. Molly Chin & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
126. Richard Ng & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
127. Chee Se Woon & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
128. Lai Fei Sin & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
129. Tan Soon Hin & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
130. Lai Fei Loong & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
131. Lai Fei Siong & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
132. Jimmy Oh & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
133. Gunasekaran A/L Muniandy (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
134. Wong Soo Mei (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
135. Simon Cheng & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
136. Lim Hua Bi & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
137. Yeaw Wee Huat (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
138. Lee Peck Lian (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
139. Ajita/Chan Kok Suan/Sher Lyan/Sher Lyin (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
140. Yeoh Long Choo (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
141. Chen Yin Ping (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
142. Other members of Guan Zi Zai (Guan Zi Zai’s List)

143. Manson Lim (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
144. Koh Kian Lee (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
145. Stanley Koh (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
146. Lim Chew Joo (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
147. The Segamat Buddhist Society (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
148. Sean Sen
149. Patricia Yeung & Family
150. Sandy Woo Lai Peng & Family
151. Mr & Mrs Lau Choo Seng
152. Dimitra Nikolaidou (Greece - Through Paypal In Euros)
154. Chong Siew Moy (Chong Siew Moy's List)
155. Chen Shean Young (Chong Siew Moy's List)
156. Chen QianEr Michelle (Chong Siew Moy's List)
157. Yip Yoke Chun (Chong Siew Moy's List)
158. Saik Choon Meng (Chong Siew Moy's List)
159. Saik Rou (Chong Siew Moy's List)
160. Chen Nian Nian (Chong Siew Moy's List)
161. Saik Yin Cheng (Chong Siew Moy's List)
162. Wong Wai Yee (Chong Siew Moy's List)
163. Saik Poh Yee (Chong Siew Moy's List)
164. Saik Choi Ngor (Chong Siew Moy's List)
165. Hoh Eng Yuan (Chong Siew Moy's List)
166. Hoh Elaine (Chong Siew Moy's List)

167. Dechen
168. Anonymous from Malacca
169. Anonymous from Malacca
170. Mrs Christine Kuan-Chen Lee Ying

25 April 2010
171. Wong Tiam Siong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
172. Lee Bee (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
173. Poh Lian (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
174. Goh Choon Ping (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
175. Ming Hong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
176. Gan Chong Yuan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
177. Goh Hui Ling (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
178. Low Kim Chuan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
179. CH Tuh (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
180. Gan So Kui (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
181. Tee Soo Yan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
182. Lee Fang (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
183. Lee Che Ming (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
184. Sik Yi Wan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
185. Ng Ching Chai (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
186. Gan Sing Yi (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
187. Tan Siew Ping (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
188. Look Nam Seng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
189. Sia Kian Chai (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
190. Lee Ching Chong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
191. Wong Ming Yeu (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
192. Goh Shi Ya (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
193. Hung Siow Hui (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
194. Yang Lee Chen (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
195. Pei (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

196. Vinitha A/P G. Vijayan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
197. Zaihani (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
198. Tay Lee Poh (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
199. Kang Hung Xue (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
200. Teoh Muk Soon (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
201. Rajini A/P Roga mohan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
202. Lim Yog Bin (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
203. Lim Soo Peng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
204. Nuradriana (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
205. She Ying (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
206. Chen Ching (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
207. Liow Yong Ming (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
208. Teo Kim Fatt (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
209. Li Hwa (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
210. Er Tuan Ching (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
211. Ng Kwang Siew (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
212. Ng Siew Ching (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
213. Sia Chew Yan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
214. Tan Mui Eng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
215. Ong Kim Hua (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
216. Tay Choon Yoke (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
217. Pang Soo Yim (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
218. Tay Ah Cheok (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
219. Tong Ping Muk (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
220. Sia Yan Dang (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

221. Chen Ching (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
222. Goh Yu Soon (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
223. Ng Poh Choon (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
224. Poh Shu (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
225. Tan Siew Kek (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
226. Goh Ting Yik (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
227. Ng Ting Hoon (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
228. Yan Lee (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
229. Tan Mui Yue (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
230. Ng Siew Lian (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
231. Lim Siew Chuan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
232. Tan Yoke Ling (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
233. Chong Jit Sing (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
234. Lim Siong Seng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
235. Lee Lee Famg (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
236. Tan Pei Shie (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
237. Man Mei
238. Ng Hui Yoke (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
239. Andrew (Australia Note ) bal (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

240. Raymond Lai
241. Mona Leong
242. Tan Say Pin (Guan Zi Zai's List)
243. Tan Say Aun (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
244. Tan Say Tun (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
245. Tan Poh Suan (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
246. Oong Shiag Leng (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
247. Megan Tan Xin-Rui (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
248. Ong Kheng Huat & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
249. Ong Ah Choo (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
250. In memory of Ong Chin Hock (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
251. Tan Ee Seong (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
252. Tan Say Yee (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
253. Tan Say Yen (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
254. Tan Lay Kian (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
255. Tan Lay Ching (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
256. Lee Theng Hai (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
257. Lim Sok Leng (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
258. Ng Kee Eng & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
259. Shammy Chua (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
260. Choo Ooi Kion & Family (Guan Zi Zai’s List)
261. Chia Sau Ying
262. Wong Kok Wee
263. Wong Min Ru
264. Wong Su Onn
265. Dr Ng Cheng Hwa (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
266. The Segamat Buddhist Society (Hoh Gek Tin's List) ***
267. Anonymous (Malacca)
268. Raymond Sun & Family (Singapore)
269. Ruby Oh & Family ( Singapore)
270. Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin (USA)
271. Tenzin Jampa (Dehra Dun, India)
272. Paldon Jampa (Dehra Dun, India)
273. Lhamo Tsering (Dehra Dun, India)
274. Kipa (Dehra Dun, India)
275. Chu Chee Beng
276. Ratnashri Buddhist Center PJ, Malaysia
277. Fang Huo Lan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
278. Chew Boon Chew (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
279. Ng Ren Leong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
280. Ng Eng Hung (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
281. She Yap (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
282. Ong Fu Seng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
283. The Segamat Buddhist Society (Hoh Gek Tin's List) ***
284. Tan Kee Teck (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
285. Woo Shui Kuang (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
286. Ng Kim Chuan (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
287. She Chee Leong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
288. Tan Kong Kiong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
289. Lim Soon Hoo (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
290. Yow Phock Her (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
291. Yap Sek Ngoh (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
292. Lim Chui Hua (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
293. Lee Hwa Yoon (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
294. Phoo Moo Sui (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
295. Lee Qiu Yi (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
296. Lee Jun Rong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
297. Lee Jun Ai (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
298. Lee Miow Lim (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
299. Quek BeeBee Leng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
300. Teo Kim Leng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
301. Tan Teck Hong (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
302. Tan Teck Jiun (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
303. Lim Kim Eng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

304. Gerik Buddhist Society Members
305. NNS Center - Lee Guan Ho, Ipoh (Receipt issued)
306. Kuan Kwee (Major Leow's List)
307. Deniza Chan (Major Leow's List)
308. Yap Kean Wai and Family (Tai Yee You's List)
309. Wan Koon Chin (Tai Yee You's List)
310. Tai Fan Tung & Family (Tai Yee You's List)
311. Tai Fui Min (Tai Yee You's List)

12 May 2010
312. Lim Chui Chui (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
313. Chew Ai Ting (Hoh Gek Tin's List
314. Gor Ching Ruey (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

315. Tang Siew Kim & Family (Crystal's List)
316. Phang Wen Hai & Family (Crystal's List)
317. Michael Foo & Family (Crystal's List)
318. Foo Boon Lee & Family (Crystal's List)
319. Lim Sow Wah & Family (Crystal's List)
320. Cheong Ah Choy & Family (Crystal's List)
321. Foo Chee Sam & Family (Crystal's List)
322. Lee Yoke Lin (Tracy's List)
323. Chan Sai Liu (Tracy's List)
324. Lee Oon Ho (Tracy's List)
325. Tee Yee Hang (Tracy's List)
326 Yvonne Foong Ming Niang

327. Agnes/Sharon (GZZ's List)
328. Sale of Arts/Crafts (GZZ's List)
329. Tan Mee Hua (Another new contribution from her)
330. Dian Fatt M&E Sdn Bhd (Chua Kok Yew's List)
331. Tan Lee Yong (Chua Kok Yew's List)
332. Chua Kok Yew/Siew Kwee Lan
333. In memory of late Chua Lian Teng (Chua Kok Yew's List)
334. Lim Chui Chui (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
335. Chew Ai Ting (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
336. Gor Ching Ruey (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
336. Segamat Buddhist Society (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
337. Incense & dharma things (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
338 Segamat - Chris Ng (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
339. M'cca Puer Tea House (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
340. Gan Sang Tung (Hoh Gek Tin's List)
341. Yew Geok Lu (Hoh Gek Tin's List)

26 June 2010
342. Ganesh (2nd round of contribution)
343. Chong Siew Moy (2nd round of contribution)
344. Young Buddhist Association Of Malaysia

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Song dedicated to the children of Yushu Earthquake Tibet_Yangchuk Tso

"Small legs lost between the stones
Mother`s lap suddenly got cold
Weeping, shouting to father and mother

I fear, I tremble
My black hair coverd by the dust
My small body squeezed by the wall
Please! Search me once with your eyes
Please! Hold me once with your hands
Small flower destroyed by the storm
Mother`s song suddenly got cut off
Suffering pain, hopelessly
I feel cold, i feel hungry
My little playground is destroyed
My brethern, friends are pushed seperated
Please! Call my name once
Please! Kiss me once
With thanks to: Gangthuk Tibet Boedpa for the posting into his facebook.

Translation from Tibetan to English by JIGDO!/profile.php?id=100000750113271&v=wall&story_fbid=124564594225855

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yushu- What Next - After The Quake

Three weeks into the Yushu earthquake and as news disappear from the world’s front pages, survivors’ needs increase. Temperatures are still at sub zero. They still lack the very basic necessities of warm clothings, blankets, fuel for cooking etc. They are living on meager food supplies and are driniking water from unsafe sources.

Those who survived the quake are psychologically traumatised. When they are awake they are nervous and when they fall asleep nightmares haunt them. Many of them are suicidal. They face an uncertain future after losing all that they have – family members and their homes.

No amount is too small as a gift to the people of Yushu. For every dollar you will be able to provide a bowl of warm meal, a bottle of clean water or even something to keep them warm. Below is an estimate of what your contributions can do for them :

* A jacket costs 2 USD.
* A blanket costs 2.40 USD.
* A toothbrush costs 0.15 USD.
* One ton of coal costs 51 USD.
* 20 * 500ml bottled water 2.20 USD.
* Flashlight: 2.90 USD.

An orphanage, a clinic and library will be built on the grounds of former Norling Library. Norling Library was the brain child of Minam Rinpoche. It was a four storey building which stood proudly in the town of Yushu. Many people, especially children, thronged this library daily.

If you wish to be part of the Norling Library – Orphanage – Clinic project, let’s join hands with Minam Rinpoche to make Yushu a better place for the people of Yushu.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Minam Rinpoche's Pledge

The quake came, showed its vicious strength and left. It left many homes devastated, claimed many lives and created many orphans. It will never be the same again for all the Yushu-ians.

Today Minam Rinpoche is in Xining town, a 12-15 hour drive from Yushu. He has gone there to withdraw the funds that has been sent by Ms Seetoh from Johore Bahru and myself. He leaves for homeless home in Yushu tomorrow.

He suddenly found himself as a "father" to 20 orphaned children. He has pledged to take them under his wing, providing them accommodation, food, education, personal needs, care and whatever their needs may be. Rinpoche himself now has no roof over his head and is living in tents alongside with his fellow mates. Does your heart cringe?

Rinpoche intends to distribute the money he received to the people of Yushu so as to enable them to buy food, clothing, necessities. Money will also be spent to do pujas for those who perished. Rinpoche said it is very important that pujas be held for the deceased.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Guest Rooms & Shower Rooms

(Upstairs are 2 guest rooms with shower/toilet facilities downstairs)

Due to an over sight and over-work I forgot to inform readers that Minam Rinpoche has built 2 guest rooms and 3 showers (or is it 4) and a clinic at Norling Library since end of 2009. If you are heading on to Yushu and would like to pay Rinpoche a visit, you may like to know that there is 'bunking' quarters available. June and July are normally tight months so do let Rinpoche know of your intended visit early.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coin boxes

For those who are not aware, we have embarked on a "Norling Library Education & Maintenance Fund". To build a library is no easy feat and to maintain it is even more challenging. Norling was officially opened in July 2007 and as of last year when I visited, the place definitely needs a new coat of paint, not to mention the replacement broken windows through vandalism and change of weather conditions (expansion and contraction duirng the summer/winter period) and the high electricity bills during the harsh winter months.

We have distributed coin boxes to various homes. Through this exercise we hope to inculcate the values of saving and sharing in the hearts of the young ones as well as all family members.

(Thanks to Sean Sen & Joe Teo for donating 500 coin boxes to Rinpoche)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank you, Sam and Family

Thank you, Sam and Family for the return of the two coin boxes. The coins are indeed heavy.

"Even the Smallest Act of Kindness is Wothwhile"

Thanks too to the Sponsors of this coin box.

May all be happy and free from fear, hurt and harm!

Monday, February 1, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

No words can describe the heartfelt thanks of Minam Rinpoche during his one month stay in Malaysia. Apart from the various pujas he conducted over this period, he had the opportunity of meeting great people, people who are able to see more than what meets the eye.

The events kicked off in Malacca on 8 January 2010, the start of my one month “tour”. Four cars travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca for the event. Thanks for the support! On 12 January we journeyed to Johore Bahru where a two night program was held at the Drikung Kagyu Center JB on 16 & 17 January. On 18 January we hit the road back to Kuala Lumpur where the final preparations had to be looked into as the event in KL was relatively on a large scale.

Drikung Kagyu Center, Johore Bahru

On 24 January YB Senator Heng Seai Kie, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture graced the Lamp Lighting Ceremony. The night ended with the blessings of a Dzambala Puja.

Petaling Jaya

25 January was Guru Rinpoche day and Drukpa Kagyu Kuala Lumpur requested Rinpoche to lead them in that night’s offering followed by a dharma talk

Drukpa Kagyu KL

On 30 January Amitabha Guan Zi Zai Buddhist Society, Klang, invited Rinpoche to confer the Dzambala Empowerment. The turn out was great despite the rain clouds that loomed above, threatening to burst any second.

Guan Zi Zai, Klang

All’s well that ends well!

La-ma ku-kham sang-war sol-wa deb.
Chog-tu ku-tseh ring-war sol-wa deb.
Thrinley dar-shing gye-par sol-wa deb.
Lama dang drel-wa me-par jyin-gyi lob.

I pray that the Lama may have good health and long life.
I pray that your Dharma activities spread far and wide.
I pray that I may not be separated from you

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Journey Of Minam Rinpoche

Minam Rinpoche was born in Ga Xiong village, a beautiful and pristine place in Nangchen, to a family of herdsmen and spent his early years at his birthplace.

Minam Rinpoche was ordained at fourteen years old at Ka Trashi Monastery in the Drikung Kagyu Tradition. Here he received the teachings, transmissions and ritual instructions of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage. He also entered into retreat and completed the preliminary practices of the Mahamudra Ngondro and went on to complete his five-year college education at the Drikung Kagyu Institute Of Buddhist Studies.

On sight of HH The Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, spontaneous Guru devotion arose in him. On completion of his studies and under the guidance of his Guru, he completed the traditional three year three months retreat on Mahamudra and the Six Yogas of Naropa.
The late Adeu Rinpoche, a realized Lama, on the request of HE Choegon Rinpoche was responsible for his search and HH Chetsang Rinpoche confirmed his eventual recognition. (pic of Wamlung) He was enthroned as the Tulku of Wamlung Monastery in 1997.

Minam Rinpoche’s Vision
The test of a Tulku is seen from his activities.
He believes that it is through education that the shackles of superstition can be removed and true Dharma seen and practised. His teachings are simple and focus on cultivation of compassion and understanding. He encourages simple practices maturing towards higher practices.
Minam Rinpoche feels particularly responsible for the betterment of the people of the Nangchen district and to this end, he has successfully established Norling Library, which caters to the education and welfare of the area. It also serves as a reference library for scholars and researchers.

Norling Library is now fully functional and serves as a field of merit both in Nangchen and abroad.

His talent as an artist is expressed in his calligraphy. His success in combining Tibetan and Chinese calligraphy can be seen in his unique depiction of auspicious mantras and symbols. They are concise representative symbols of Dharma besides being practical decorative art. Being such, displaying them in one’s home is auspicious.

He has authored, compiled and published a booklet on the various Tibetan scripts which has won many praises. The beautiful varied scripts were penned in his own hand and serves as a testimony of the beauty of the Tibetan language. Limited editions make this a collector’s item.
As a reflection of his expertise, he was invited and participated in the Tibetan Language and Literature Conference in March/April 2003 attended by many renowned international language scholars.
Dechen Choekhor in Lhasa (was raining but everyone sat through the puja)

Minam Rinpoche has worked tirelessly towards the flourishing of Buddhadhamma which has seen him spending a great deal of his time in many lands. His travels have taken him to America, Europe, Thailand, Taiwan, mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore. These travels have brought him insight and better understanding of what more he can do.

Health care around Norling Library is neither adequate nor affordable. Certainly a far cry from what we are used to. Health education is even far worse. A clinic now stands proudly beside the main gates of the Library.

With this new facility, the locals as well as those from the far off villages can benefit. All that is left now is to stock the clinic with basic medical apparatus and medicine. Of course, volunteer medical staff would complete the picture wonderfully.

Norling Library
Norling Library is a four storey building which stands proudly in the town of Yushu. Books in various languages, which include Chinese, Tibetan, English, Arabic and Malay among others, fill the shelves covering a broad range of subjects from religion, art, culture and philosophy.
The most popular is the children’s reading room, which is very well stocked thanks to the generous sponsorship of many individuals. (picture of Children’s section)Judging from the throngs of children who seem to make this their favorite place in town, more book sponsorship may not even satisfy their voracious reading appetite.

With the welfare of children ever close to his heart, he noticed that the children of Yushu were dangerously roller skating on the roadside and even the roads. Here there are no proper sidewalks and even for adults, walking is fraught with danger from the vehicular traffic. To provide the young ones an outlet for their youthful exuberance, Rinpoche started to construct a skating rink in front of the Library.

Unfortunately, the construction is now delayed due to an unfortunate event. With new funds, this project will proceed.

Visiting Norling Library
Visitors are always welcomed to Norling Library.
In fact, this part of Qinghai is a delight for anyone who chooses to drop by. The sight of the endless high plains is a joy to behold. The many chortens and prayer flags that dot the landscape are reminders of the freshness of the Buddha’s teachings. This is the spiritual heartland of Buddhist spirituality.

If you choose to go by road, you will pass one of, if not the highest road pass in the world. Don’t forget to take a photograph because it is not often that you get to reach 4824m. You will also get to relive history as you see the countryside through Princess Wenchen eyes on her journey to Tibet 1400 years ago.

Rinpoche encourages all to visit Norling library. Visitors never fail to comment of his warm hospitality. You may however expect to feel embarrassed by the extreme care he extends to ensure your stay is comfortable.

Fearing that guests may be not be used to the local toilets and lack of modern conveniences, he has just finished building a new shower and toilet. Believe this, this toilet and shower room is the best in Yushu and probably for the next 200 kilometers.

Wamlung Monastery and its Restoration
Wamlung Monastery sits on a hill that resembles a Buddha in meditation posture. The monastery rests on the Buddha’s palm. A WAM letter, the seed letter of Vajrayogini was found inscribed on a rock nearby, thus its name. Snow capped mountains surrounds this beautiful spot.
Founded by Gyalwang Dechen Dorje, the place was initially without water. The problem was solved after he made retreat and offerings. Water oozed out of the ground. This event is considered a terma treasure and immensely auspicious. This water stopped when the monastery was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution but it resumed when it was rebuilt in 1989.
Many outstanding masters were trained here including the previous Minam Rinpoche.
One of his first tasks our Minam Rinpoche undertook was the restoration of Wamlung monastery which had come under disrepair. With limited funds, the main shrine hall and construction of the retreat quarters were successfully completed in 1998.

Before that, the student monks were living and studying in rather dilapidated conditions. They had no permanent living quarters. Classes were conducted in the shrine hall as there were no proper classrooms. Things improved when Rinpoche offered finance and education for the monks.
A few months ago, the shrine hall suffered irreparable damage. A new one is planned and this is on the top of Rinpoche’s priorities and urgency.

Friday, December 18, 2009


23 & 24 January 2010 - 10.00am - 10.00pm
Chempaka Buddhist Lodge
60 Jalan SS23/25, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya
(Refer to map below)

23 January 2010 (Saturday)
*Mandala Offering (public to do offerings together with Minam Rinpoche)
*"Let's have tea with Rinpoche - Butter tea and Tsampa (roasted barley) demonstration
*Talk by Senior Professor Dr Thubten Phuntsok with Q&A session (if time permits)

*Vajrasattva Teachings
*Let's have tea with Rinpoche - Snow Lotus tea and a tibetan delicacy
*Calligraphy demonstration by Rinpoche
*Talk on herbs
* Medicine Buddha Empowerment

24 January 2010 (Sunday)
* Let's have tea with Rinpoche - Hong Jin Tian herbal drink and a tibetan delicacy
* How to make torma demonstration by Rinpoche
* Talk by Senior Professor Dr Thubten Phuntsok with Q&A session

* Free and easy - dialogue with Rinpoche
* Jangchog (for the deceased)

* Lamp lighting
* Dzambala Empowerment

Throughout the day the public can make flowers, fruits and candle offerings.

Minam Rinpoche's talent as an artist is expressed in his calligraphy. His success in combining Tibetan and Chinese calligraphy can be seen in his unique depiction of auspicious mantras and symbols. They are concise representative symbols of Dharma besides being practical decorative art. Being such, displaying them in one’s home is auspicious.

Rare and precious herbs are also on display and these concoctions willl be served during demonstrations sessions.

Bring your family for this weekend experience - what a better way to be in touch with the Tibetan culture and at the same time touch base with the Dharma.

Complete Tour Program
8-11 January 2010 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday) - Malacca
Venue: 17 & 19 Jalan Kesidang 3/11, Bachang Mall, Off Jalan Tun Perak, Malacca

16 & 17 January 2010 (Saturday & Sunday) - Johore Bahru

23 & 24 January 2010 (Saturday & Sunday) - Chempaka Buddhist Lodge, Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya

26 January 2010 (Tuesday) - tentatively in Ipoh

30 January 2010 (Saturday) - Amitabha Guan Zi Zai Buddhist Society, 127 Jalan Hilir 2, Off Jalan Mentaram, Klang

Note : Program may be subject to minor changes
For non-muslims only

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Warm And Silent Call

This email was composed and circulated by a dharma sister in Singapore to all her friends. I have been receiving response. Thank you so much for taking that initiative.

Dear Dharma Friends,
A Dharma Sister, Sandie Foo, is currently trying to help Drikung Minam Rinpoche to collect funds for the rebuilding of his Wamlung Do Ngakh Choekor Ling Monastery in Nangchen, Tibet. So far, she has managed only to raise RM29,000 for Rinpoche to build a temporary shelter for the monastery's main shrine hall. Personally, I feel that this project is in urgent need of support. With the collapse of the monastery, the sangha staying in it and the lay practitioners, who depend on the monastery for support, would face additional obstacles in their spiritual practice.

Sis Sandie has also taken up the project of organising a Tibetan Medicine, Herbs, Arts & Culture Exhibition for Minam Rinpoche in Malaysia with some of her friends. It has always been Rinpoche's aspiration to preserve the rich Tibetan culture for the future generation. Currently, this event is still in need of sponsorship and would appreciate any help.

I have met Minam Rinpoche in Jan 2008. My impression of Minam Rinpoche is that he was very kind and humble, and respected Garchen Rinpoche very much, although I have not spoken with him. I have included a brief biography of Minam Rinpoche for your information.

Our spiritual masters have always taught that we should practice generosity as one of the paramitas and the Dharma text, The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa classifies the practice of generosity on pg 185 as follows:

1) The generosity of giving material wealth
2) The generosity of giving fearlessness
3) The generosity of giving dharma

All the above should be engaged out of the generosity of giving loving-kindness with equanimity. Hence, this is a great opportunity to practice what we have learnt.

If anyone of you, your family or friends may be interested to help out in any way or wish for further clarification, please kindly contact Sis Sandie at Sis Sandie said that Walumg Monastery's receipt will be issued for donation to the monastery rebuilding funds.

Details of Rinpoche's projects can be found at

With Mani,


Friday, December 11, 2009

Tibetan Medicine, Herbs, Arts & Culture Exhibition

Please take note of the above exhibtion scheduled for 23-24 January 2010 at the Chempaka Buddhist Lodge, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. More details coming up once the program is approved by Minam Rinpoche. Along with Rinpoche is Senior Professor Dr Thubten Phuntsok who will be giving a series of talks on diseases in relation to body and mind.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tibetan Arts & Culture Exhibition

Mandala Offering

Minam Rinpoche together with a Senior Professor Tibetan doctor, Thubten Phuntsog will be visiting in January 2010. We plan to hold a Tibetan Medicine & Herbs, Arts & Culture Exhibition. A similar exhibition was held in March 2007
Calligraphy session with Minam Rinpoche

Minam Rinpoche will demonstrate the art of making tsampa (roasted barley) and tibetan tea. In tibetan tea, the key ingredients are brick tea, salt, milk and butter. No sugar. Many tibetan artifacts will be on display along side with Rinpoche's calligraphy works. There will also be herbs that can only be found on the very highlands of Tibet. Below is a tentative program of the exhibition. Please come back for updates.

Girl in Tibetan outfit

Tibetan tea making demonstration

Minam Rinpoche making tsampa

8-11 January 2010 - Malacca

15-17 January 2010 - To be decided

22-24 January 2010 - Kuala Lumpur

Tibetan doctor consultations (by appointments only)
On display : tibetan herbs, tibetan arts and artifacts

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drukpa Center Answers The Call

Thanks to Drukpa Center and its members. Ansle Ten Soo Lan (JB), Willie, Drukpa KL, Jigme Kyidon, Loke Chiew Peng, Yvonne Choo, Jigme Drolma, Yap Shi Wei, Dechen Choedon, Jigme Choeying and to the kind lady who contributed just as I was leaving Drukpa (sorry did not get your name). A total of RM2,230 was received from Ani-la.

Total funds collected RM29,030.
RM16,000 sent to Rinpoche and a balance of RM13,030 will be sent.
Thank you all

Friday, October 2, 2009

Funds Coming In From Johore Bahru

Another RM300. Contributed by Annonymous but name to be put under Pauline Woo (my sister) who has earlier contributed too. Thank you to Annonymous and to Pauline Woo.

Money Has Been Received

Rinpoche has confirmed receiving RMB29,613.32 from the RM16,000 sent on 28 September. Now cash in hand stands at RM10,500. It will be remitted next week together with any new contributions, if any.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wamlung Monastery Needs Funds For Main Shrine Hall

Wamlung Retreat Houses

Many thanks once again on behalf of Minam Rinpoche for the speedy response to the call for contirbutions for repairs/construction to the main shrine hall of Wamlung Monastery. Minam Rinpoche is now able to purchase materials to do repairs to the damage of the shrine hall.

Thanks to :
Kenny Tham, Ho Gek Tin, Shannies, Guan Zi Zai Buddhist Society Klang, Tan Ynu Ting & Jenny Ong, Molly Chin & Family, Lim Hua Bi & Family, Richard Ng & PY Cheong, Ng Shu Yin & Ng Shu Ting, Bay Hee Choon (from Guan Zi Zai Klang), Mr & Mrs Yeoh Kian Jin, Phik Charng, Major Leow, Irene Liew, Pauline Woo, Paul Er, Ryan Sern Chia Chien, Brenda Foo, Linda Goh, Nada, Ho Lee Chin, Mr & Mrs Kang Chik Hua, Wei Wei (Guangzhou), Teh Lah Hoong, Tham Ming Wei, Carol Low Mei Lee, Lai Soon Woh, Eunise Ling Ya, Carmen Ling Na, Sandie Foo. Mr & Mrs Michael Lim and family. Lai Kok Hong & Kok Poh Wan & their families

Total amount collected as of 23 September 2009 : RM26,500.
This amount will be remitted to Rinpoche by the end of this week. Those who have pledged but have not paid, the money will be remitted in early October.
RM16,000 remitted to Rinpoche on 28 September 2009.

Brief history of Wamlung Monastery
Wamlung Do Ngakh Choekor Ling Monastery is situated in the village of Ka-xiong (district Nangchen) in Qinghai province (eastern Tibet). It is on a high plain 4,700 meters above sea level. The location is a beautiful area surrounded by snow-capped mountains and has remained visually unaffected by modern technology such as the proliferation of electrical towers, automobiles, etc… Except for a few solar generators, which were recently installed to supply power to the area, the landscape remains pristine and unchanged.
After spending a long time here in retreat, Gyalwang Dechen Dorje felt that this area was very special and holy. He discovered that the place was a hill which resembled a Buddha seated in meditative posture. Gyalwang Dechen Dorje found that he could build the monastery right in the Buddha’s hands, which were held in the meditation mudra. Nearby, a rock was found inscribed with the seed syllable WAM, which is the seed syllable of Vajrayogini and also an aspect of wisdom.
Because of the auspiciousness of these signs, Gyalwang Dechen Dorje decided to build a temple in this location. However, one problem remained to be solved: there was no water supply at this location. He decided to enter into retreat to solve the problem. During this retreat he made many offerings to the deities and one day water oozed out from the ground. It is believed that the appearance of this water was a terma, or hidden treasure. It was for these incredibly auspicious occurrences that the monastery was built in the hands of the Buddha, on a hill resembling the Buddha in meditative posture.
During the Cultural Revolution, the monastery was completely destroyed and the water, which had flowed freely stopped. The monastery was later rebuilt in 1989 and the water miraculously flowed again from the ground. A Drukpa Kagyu monastery for many generations, many great masters have been trained here, including the root lama of H.E. Adeu Rinpoche, Choekyong Namgyal. In the past it has been the home of about a hundred monks, and of Togden Rinpoche and Mipham Namgyal Rinpoche (Minam Rinpoche).
After his enthronement ceremony in Tashi Jong, in 1997, Minam Rinpoche returned to Wamlung Monastery to carry out his duties. Similarly, Togden Rinpoche returned to Wamlung Monastery after having been recognized in 2001. The construction of the main shrine hall and retreat quarters have been successfully completed at Wamlung Monastery. Minam Rinpoche had embarked on completing another project, which he started in 1999 when he offered to financially sponsor fifteen young monks who had no permanent living quarters, and built a Dharma Institute for them so that they could pursue their studies.
However , because of the monastery’s great distance from the local village, and the added costs incurred due to the necessary transportation of construction and materials and other goods from outlying areas, building cost for the proposed Dharma Institute would be 2-3 times higher than if the Institute were built in the nearest town. To lower the costs and make the Institute more accessible, and to accommodate the district with an adequate library, Rinpoche will build this Institute in the town area and relocate the young monks there to pursue their studies. (Norling Library was officially opened in July 2007)
In order to obtain a correct understanding of Dharma, it is necessary that students have access to a well-rounded religious education. Rinpoche thinks that it is very important to preserve the precious Dharma. Rinpoche also believes that it is vital that we understand Buddhism and not just practice with blind faith. Similarly, the library will be a proper place to preserve the Dharma and the culture.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Double Rainbow - An Auspicious Day

On the day Minam Rinpoche travelled to the Retreat Center in Lhasa, there was a double rainbow in the sky.

Opening Ceremony Of Retreat Center In Lhasa By Minam Rinpoche - 2 August 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You From Minam Rinpoche

Two little girls at the Children Section of the Library

On behalf of Minam Rinpoche I would like to thank all friends for their generous contributions towards the upkeep of Norling Library.
Ho Lee Chin, Linda Goh, Kong Keen Yung, Mr & Mrs Yeoh Kean Jin, Wendy Lim, Sweet Mui, Phik Charng, Lai Kok Hong, Kim Saw, Jade Saw, Lim Yean Nyok, Chern, Bee Eng, Juliana, Kim Ong (Singapore), Ruby Oh (Singapore), Chew Pheng Chong, Teh Lah Hoong, Susan Tang, Ming Wei, Brenda Foo, Calvin Ho, Colin Chai, Sam Kum Soon, Sue
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Norling Library to have New Skating Rink and Clinic

Roller skating rink in construction

Good news! Norling Library will soon have a new roller blading rink ..... believe that. Who would believe that dear Minam Rinpoche would come up with that.
Rinpoche noticed that the kids were skating dangerously on the road and knowing that Yushu drivers (seems half of them do not have a driver's licence) are not safe - for the kids at least, he decided to do what is necessary. So what does he do next? Construction work is now in progress as this is written. It will measure about 4400 square meters.

Plan for the clinic
Plan for a washroom and toilet

Next, Rinpoche will build a clinic sitting in a little extra land just beside the main gate. This will benefit many people. A bath and toilet is also in the pipeline. So all you kind and generous hearted ones ... contributions and donations are warmly welcomed!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vajrasattva Retreat


Minam Rinpoche is planning to hold a Vajrasattva Retreat towards the last quarter of the year (October 2009).

As we all know, to break the samayas of the Vajrayana is a great fault. The tantric samayas are subtle, numerous and difficult to keep. It would be wrong for us to suppose that we are keeping them faithfully.

The aim of this retreat is to enable us to stay undistracted and do not mix your recitation with ordinary speech. To say the hundred syllable mantra without interruption will undoubtedly purify your negative actions and obscurations, and the violations and breaches of vows and samayas
The main obstacles that prevent all the extraordinary experiences and realizations of the profound path from arising are negative actions, obscurations and habitual tendencies. Just as it is important to clean the surface of the mirror if forms are to be reflected in it, so too it is important to eliminate our obscurations so that realizations can appear like a reflection in the mirror.

There is no harmful act that cannot be purified by confession. As the great teachers of ancient times affirmed :

There is nothing good about negative actions - except that they can be purified through confession.

However, purification only takes place when you confess sincerely in the right way, using the four powers as antidotes. The purification process will never work if your eyes and mouth are otherwise occupied, or if you are just mouthing the words, "I admit ...... I confess ....." while your mind is busy pursuing other thoughts. And to think, "In future, even if I do wrong it won't matter because I can just confess afterwards," will stop the purification from working at all, even if you do confess.It is absolutely fundamental that any confession should include as antidotes of all the 4 powers.

The four powers are the power of support, the power of regretting having done wrong, the power of resolution and the power of action as an antidote.

Please drop us a line if you are keen to join us in this retreat and we shall get back to you with more information once everything is finalised. Only limited places available.

(Tentative Venue : Cameron Highlands or in Petaling Jaya)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Facilities At Norling Library

Facilities At Norling Library
1) Kagyur and Tengyur Text Library:
Kagyur texts are direct teachings of the Lord Buddha which are translated into different languages such as Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. Tengyur consists of 120 thick volumes which are the commentaries of the Kagyur text. Norling Library will work to collect the Kagyur and Tengyur text in different versions and from different publications.
2) Norling Philosophical Library:
There are four major traditions in Tibetan Buddhism namely Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu and Gelug-pa. Each tradition has their root texts which has their own uniqueness and values but they are not different from each other. The ancient Tibetan Bon religion is still active and is being practiced by the Bon Tibetan followers.

3) Norling General Library:
Norling General Library is for general books in Tibetan, Chinese and English on various subjects such Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Anthropology, Computer Science, Literature, Grammar, Astrology, Medicine etc

4) Norling Exhibition Hall:
Exhibitions on eductional, environmental health, art and cultural related matters are held here periodically. This creates awareness to the community of Yushu and surrounding regions.

5) Norling Computer Lab:
The computer lab aims to facilitate the following:

a) Internet Café:
Internet connects people to sources of information that can help improve health, general knowledge, education, employment opportunities etc. Internet café is a very important resource for the students in doing their school assignments.
b) Computer Tuition Centre:
Computer science is a very important subject in both the present and future. Students in Yushu rarely receive computer lessons in school. Thus, they face problems when they join colleges and universities. Norling Computer Lab aims to hold computer tuition specially on Tibetan software such as the Sambotta, Monlam and the new Tibetan software that is compatible with Window Vista.

c) Digital Library:
Norling Library aims to have a digital library in the Norling Computer Lab for visitors to search, read books and leave comments on the books. So far the library has over three thousand Dharma texts in CD together with pictures and English translations. It is Norling Library’s dream that in the near future people from all corners of the world can benefit from our digital library.

6) Norling Recording Studio and Music Library:
Music is a universal language loved by everyone especially by the people of Yushu as the spirit of the Yushu people says; ‘Dancing is known when one knows how to walk and singing is known when one knows how to speak’. In promoting arts and culture, NPL is inspired by a conviction that art creates beauty, invites discovery, stimulates reflection, and generates self-knowledge, and that engagement with the arts promotes deeper understanding of human experience among diverse communities. Yushu has many talented people, with gifted melodious voice but few are heard outside of this community. The biggest problem they face is the lack of recording facilities in Yushu. Therefore, Norling Studio can help these talented people in realising their dreams

7) Norling Multi-purpose Hall:
Norling Multi-Purpose Hall hosts meetings, conferences, lectures, debates, essay and painting competitions and teachings that will attract mass participants. On the other hand, this hall is also a part of the Norling Computer Lab where the theoretic instructions on computer tuition will be given before going into the computer lab for practical lessons. Norling Multi-Purpose Hall has the capacity of hosting more than 70 people with fully equipped multi media facilities

8) Norling Language Centre:
Norling Language Centre holds language classes on Tibetan, English and Chinese. Norling Language Centre has an on going project on a bi-lingual Tibetan Electronic Dictionary.

9) Norling Coffee House:
This Coffee House provides a healthy and intellectual environment for our visitors. Unlike Yushu’s tea bars, Norling Coffee House prohibits smoking and drinking. Instead it provides vegetarian snacks, internet access for private laptops and reading materials such as books, news papers and magazines for our guests. Furnished in Tibetan style and equipped with modern facilities, Norling Coffee House serves great Tibetan Butter Tea and Western Black coffee.

Projects Under Planning: Funds Needed

1.Norling Children’s Library:
Three storey building to cater to the needs of different activities for the children

2. Bi-lingual Tibetan Electronic Digital Dictionary:
For the past few years Minam Rinpoche and some scholars have been working on producing a bi-lingual Tibetan electronic dictionary.

3. Preservation of Tibetan Calligraphy Writings.
Norling Library has a full collection of all the different types of Tibetan calligraphies in our exhibition room.

4. Preservation of vanishing Tibetan Traditional folk songs and dances into cassettes, CD, VCD and DVD.
Yushu has been for many centuries enjoyed and lived with the rhythms of the singing and the dancing sensation that evoke the paradise of the cultural world. Due to many cause and effects Yushu is losing her precious and traditional folk songs and dances that carry much of the deep feelings, images and cultures of the Yushu people. Folk songs remain unsung and folk dances remain un-danced . Let us bring on the music and the tapping of the feet once more.